Enric Arderiu, Global Head of Environmental Products, Mercuria

On our third installment of Carbon Frontiers 2024, we welcome Enric Arderiu, Global Head of Environmental Products at Mercuria, into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Host David Greely sits down with Enric to discuss the range of ways in which market participants – in both the voluntary and compliance markets – are learning from past mistakes and […]

Charlie Pool, Head of Carbon Insurance, Howden Group Holdings

We continue Carbon Frontiers 2024 this week with Charlie Pool, Head of Carbon Insurance at Howden. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Charlie to discuss insurance and risk management at the intersection of finance, carbon, and technology. Hosted By

Sandeep Roy Choudhury, Director, VNV Advisory

This week, we kick off our new series, Carbon Frontiers 2024. Throughout this series, we’ll be talking with the market practitioners who’ve kept the carbon markets and decarbonization efforts moving forward to better understand how they’re learning from the mistakes of the past, adapting to the realities of the present, and developing the markets, technologies, […]

Guy Turner, Founder & CEO, Trove Research

We kick off our Summer Playlist with Guy Turner, Founder & CEO of Trove Research. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Guy to discuss what’s happening in the voluntary carbon markets and the research that Guy and his team are doing at Trove to help us push past the rhetoric and better understand the […]

David Antonioli, CEO, Verra

In the final episode of our Carbon Frontiers series, we welcome David Antonioli, CEO of Verra, back into the studio. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Antonioli to discuss how the VCM can grow and develop into mature markets and what Verra is doing to help make that happen. Download full transcript → Hosted […]

Rachel Walsh, Carbon Innovation Analyst, BMO Capital Markets

This week on our Carbon Frontiers series, we welcome Rachel Walsh into the SmarterMarkets™ studio. Rachel is Carbon Innovation Analyst within Equity Research at BMO Capital Markets. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Rachel to discuss how recent press coverage of voluntary carbon markets is impacting the companies that participate in them, how companies […]

Svenja Telle, Director of Origination, Base Carbon

We continue our Carbon Frontiers series with Svenja Telle, Director of Origination at Base Carbon. SmarterMarkets™ host David Greely sits down with Svenja to discuss the vital role of carbon removal in achieving our global emissions reduction targets. Together, they cover the strengths of technology-based carbon removals, the importance of community engagement and co-benefits in […]

Corinne Boone, Group Head, Americas, Air Carbon

This week, Dave Greely explores carbon as a commodity with carbon market architect and climate finance pioneer, Corinne Boone. As the Group Head of the Americas for AirCarbon, Corinne is a key player in building smarter market infrastructure to achieve climate targets inclusive of blockchain-backed carbon credits. Download full transcript → Hosted By

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